The Routledge International Handbook of Practice-Based Research presents a cohesive framework with which to conduct practice-based research or to support, manage and supervise practice-based researchers. It has been written with an inclusive approach, with the intention of presenting deep and meaningful knowledge for the benefit of all readers.

This handbook has been designed to present specific detail of practice-based research by outlining its shared traits with all forms of research and to highlight its core distinguishing features into a cohesive, principled and methodical approach. To this end, the handbook is presented in five sections: 1. Practice-Based Research, 2. Knowledge, 3. Method, 4. The Practice-Based PhD and 5. Practitioner Voices. Each section begins with a leading chapter that outlines each of the distinct areas as they relate to practice-based research. This is followed by a series of contributing chapters that discuss pertinent themes in more detail.

Practitioners from a broad range of backgrounds will find these chapters helpful:

  • research students or final year graduates will be introduced to the principled nature of practice-based research
  • PhD researchers embarking on a research project or are in the flow of research will find this guidance supportive
  • professionals such as designers, makers, engineers, artists and creative technologists wishing to strengthen their research into their practice will be guided through the principled and focused nature of practice-based research
  • supervisors, managers and policy makers will benefit from the potential and rigour of practice-based researchers in the pursuit of new knowledge.