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 case_study (5)

The Australian Composers’ Residency in HfMT, Hamburg, Germany
Digital Syzygies
Pathways by Dejana Sekulic
DigiScore TENOR22 commissions

 digital_musicianship (16)

Interview with composer and researcher in VR Konstantina Orlandatou
DigiScore workshop and lecture at CIRRMT McGill University
Lecture/Workshop at UofT Department of Music
DigiScore workshop and lecture at University of Illinois
DigiScore Lecture for Composition Grads at CUNY
DigiScore Lecture for IDeATe at Carnegie Mellon
DigiScore NY-Columbia Lecture
NYU Composition Seminar Lecture
DigiScore New Haven Lecture
Digiscore Boston Presentations
Digital Musicianship Workshop, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
Interview with musician, performer and researcher in XR Ine Vanoeveren
Interview with performer/composer Terri Hron
Digital Musicianship Forum – Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium
Digital Musicianship Forum – Oporto, Portugal
Interview with PA Tremblay

 impact (1)

Impact case study - Digital Syzygies

 outputs (4)

TENOR 2022 Keynote - Craig Vear
The Routledge International Handbook of Practice-Based Research – Craig Vear
The Digital Score Book - Craig Vear
Creative AI and Musicking Robots – Craig Vear

 theory (6)

The Digital Score Methodology
Interview with Dejana Sekulic on artefacts of presence
The Digital Score – The Medium and its Message
Challenging and enhancing the theoretical framework part 2
Challenging and enhancing the theoretical framework part 1
The Starting Point

 trans_disciplinary_insights (6)

TDI-6 Laura Bishop
TDI-5 Ulla Kallenbach
TDI-4 Jesper Juul
TDI-3 Marc Leman
TDI-2 Andrea Schiavio
TDI-1 Simon Emmerson